10 ways to up your home’s value

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Property prices are as predictable as UK temperatures – sometimes they are higher than expected, and frequently they are much lower! If you are thinking of selling your home, then you’ll want to get as much ‘bang for your buck’ as possible. Here are ten ways in which you can maximise your home’s value:

Convert your loft. Extra rooms are always desirable in a house, and a loft conversion causes minimum disruption. Whatever you spend on the conversion you can generally double and add onto the value of your home.

Add a conservatory. An outside area that’s ‘not quite outside’ is a decent way of extending your living space. Do not just tag something on – make sure the conservatory matches the rest of the external appearance of your home.

Ditch the garage. How many people actually use a garage to house their car? More often than not, it turns into a dumping area instead. Add another room to your home by converting your garage.

Get painting. Most buyers will ‘recce’ a house before contacting the estate agents, and that means a drive-by. If your house is not inviting externally, then potential buyers are not going to bother with what’s inside. Make sure the outside of your house is presentable.

Change the doors and windows. Most people go for whatever’s cheap and effective, but the windows and doors should match your home’s character. It’s no good having modern white uPVC windows and doors in a Georgian home. Contemporary windows can restore character to your home without being draughty or energy-inefficient.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. This tip is especially useful if your home is small, or has small rooms or hallways. You can create the impression of space with the liberal use of mirrors.

It’s all in the kitchen. Kitchens have become the big selling factor of homes. No longer is a kitchen simply a place to cook – it should be a welcome place where you’d be happy to spend time. Be sensible – go for the latest designs and the holy trinity of appliances (sink, cooker and fridge) but don’t spend too much else you’ll just be wasting your money.

Go for a modern bathroom. You don’t have to rip the bathroom out and start all over again – you can replenish the fixtures and fittings, and install a new toilet and sink unit. As long as the decoration is not too shabby, you’ll be fine.

Bring the outside in. The trend over the past few years is for the extension of living space into the garden, and vice versa. If you can afford it, install bi-folding doors and add decking so your garden is a pleasant place to chill out in.

If you haven’t got central heating … then have it installed. People expect central heating as ‘the norm’ these days. Your house loses significant value if you rely on gas fires and expensive electric heaters.


You don’t have to spend tens of thousands to get your home presentable. Just a little bit of attention here and there and your home will easily reach its potential maximum value.

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