8 steps to home heaven

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More and more people are abandoning their search for their dream home and instead are switching to self-building. If this interests you, then here is a quick 8-step guide to custom building your own perfect home.

  1. Find somewhere to build it!

Online services such as Plotsearch will help to locate the perfect plot for your dream home. You can also ask around once you have decided upon your general location. This can seem quite daunting at times, but over 13,000 people succeed in this every year.

  1. Make sure you have the moolah

No one will kid you – building a new home does not come cheap, although many times it works out cheaper than buying, renovating, remodelling and redecorating an existing house. Make sure you have the finances in place before you even think of moving forwards.

  1. Decide upon your budget

Some builds end up costing double or even triple the amount that they were expected to. This usually happens if you take a haphazard approach to budgeting. Be realistic – set firm and realistic figure before you begin to design. Also include a contingency amount in your budget schedule – say, ten percent.

  1. Find someone to realise your dream

A good designer will give you what you are looking for, but will also reign you back in if you are in danger of going overboard and beyond your budget. Always check out testimonials on the web for designers whom have successfully completed home builds within budget.

  1. Sort out the planning

Before you go too far down the financing and designing route, you need to get in touch with your local planning authorities. They will decide upon the viability of your project. Some authorities offer pre-application advice – this will help you get a strong idea of viability.

  1. Find someone to Build your dream

This is where we come in! Through all stages of the build from digging the foundations, making the build weather tight, the first fix, second fix and then finally decorating, our dedicated team of skilled professionals can deal with your project.

  1. Start the building process

This is where you are probably likely to become the most excited, as your dream home slowly but steadily takes shape in front of your eyes. Our qualified workmen are extremely experienced and knowledgeable and welcome any queries or questions you may have during this process.

  1. Move in!

Once you’ve obtained the completion certificate from building control and sorted any small issues that may have arisen, then congratulations! It’s time to move in and enjoy your new residence.
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