Are Garage Conversions as expensive as they Sound?

Many people like to dismiss garage conversions citing high costs even before they know how much they actually cost. Are the costs that high?

Garage conversions form great and powerful options for changing up the design of your home. With so many options out there including converting a garage into a laundry room, “man cave”, guest room, and even a movie theatre with a bar, you can have that dream room you’ve always wanted for a price you can afford. Although the price of a conversion varies, the results are always well worth the investment. Vital Maintenance and Construction Ltd is a refurbishing and construction company based in Kent. The company is family owned and with years of experience in the business (company established in 2004), they know exactly what you need sometimes even before you give them your exact requirements.

At Vital Maintenance and Construction, we do not have any pre-set prices for garage conversions. This is because of the fact that each client has a budget and each client has their own project needs. The size of the project has the largest impact on the price, so make sure you know exactly what you seek to achieve. If you would like a baseline price option, you can call our customer service team on 01689 858100 and ask for a quote. Quotes are based off of the information you provide so be as specific as possible to ensure that you get a quote that’s as close as possible to the real amount. The representative will then email you a copy of the quote so that you have a reference copy whenever you need it. This way, you have no reason to worry about sneaky tricks being played on you like most other companies do.

Also, there is no need to be concerned with the cost of materials. We have several suppliers who offer low price materials that provide a high quality finished product. Thanks to our loyalty, these suppliers give us discounts and we are always happy to pass on the savings to our customers. We will require you to allow us to install damp proofing in the walls and floor to make sure that no damage comes to the new design. Insulation is also recommended, but not required. You can choose to supply us with your own materials, but it is not recommended. We know exactly what you need and how much of it so it is best to let us handle it. Besides, we can almost always get you a better deal anyway so why waste your energy?

Speaking of the construction of your garage conversion, all staff members of Vital Maintenance and Construction Ltd staff are backed by the most recent industry regulations. All sixteen of them are City and Guilds qualified, Part P Compliant, NICEIC Registered, and Gas Safe Registered. Each employee has also gone through extensive training to guarantee that all results that they provide will take your breath away.

Interior Design Option

If interior design is not your forte, we can do that part for you as well! So, not only will we manage the construction portion of your garage conversion, but we can also paint and decorate the room for you. This does come at an extra charge but with expert interior design employees on staff, it may be a good option for those who are challenged in this sector.

If you wish to contact us, the team in the office will be available to take your call during office hours, you can reach us on . If you wish to call outside of these hours, please call , alternatively please complete the form on our contact page and we will respond within 24 hours.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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