• Vital Maintenance Garden buildings

    Small is beautiful – gaining extra room in a small garden

    Building on, extending or converting your property can be a costly undertaking. If you need a little bit of extra room, you might consider having a garden room built. Such a room can be used as a home office, or just somewhere where you can relax. However, people with small gardens may feel they do […]

  • Vital Maintenance & Construction

    If you build it … make sure you can afford it!

    People make ambitious plans when it comes to home extensions or home improvements. The first thing they arrive at in their heads is how the new addition to their home will look, then comes how useful the extra space will be, and then the one hundred and one uses the new part of their homes […]

  • Refurbish your kitchen on a budget in time for Christmas

    If your kitchen is beginning to look a little drab, then you might be considering a refurbishment project. However, times remain tight and with Christmas just around the corner again your purse strings might not be willing to loosen as much as you’d like them to. Just because finances are tight it does not mean […]

  • Recommend Builders in Kent

    Recommended Builders in Kent

    Having the right people for the job is as good as having the right tools when it comes to factors affecting the success of any project. Home improvement is a massive industry that is quickly becoming more and more popular. People are starting to realise that there are easier (and probably cheaper) options to fix […]

  • Vital Maintenance and Construction Ltd in Orpington, Kent

    Choosing a Builder for Construction and Renovation in Kent

    The quality of the results in a building and construction project largely depends on the chosen builder. It’s thus critical to get the very best. There are several factors that make up a high quality building company. First of all, the company needs to be able to provide you with an estimated quote for your […]

  • Vital Maintenance and Construction Ltd in Orpington, Kent

    Home Extensions Ideas in Kent

    Getting ideas for a home extension can be an uphill task. Knowing what’s available is a critical part of making sure that you make the right decision. Home extensions have become immensely popular amongst homeowners due to their low prices and the extensive list of options. Adding on an extension to your home can give […]

  • Construction Companies in Kent: Why you need the Best

    A local construction company will always stand out from others. This is because they know exactly what is needed in the specific environment. With the winter season heading our way, concern for roof leaks and working fireplaces is becoming more and more relevant. Don’t waste your time waiting for the leak to happen, the wallpaper […]

  • Are Garage Conversions as expensive as they Sound?

    Many people like to dismiss garage conversions citing high costs even before they know how much they actually cost. Are the costs that high? Garage conversions form great and powerful options for changing up the design of your home. With so many options out there including converting a garage into a laundry room, “man cave”, […]

  • Top Home Extension Ideas

    So you’ve decided to finally extend your home. That is just the first step. The quality of the final result will depend on your ideas. Looking for a way to jazz up your home beyond the basic new coat of paint? Adding an extension onto your home can be a thrilling project and one that […]

  • Vital Maintenance and Construction Ltd: One of a Kind

    Choosing a construction company has never been an easy task. However, a quick look at the service delivery and portfolio always breaks the tie. With dozens of companies advertising to give you the best price and the best construction jobs, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the one that’s best for you. Vital […]

  • What is the cost of extending a house?

    All you need to Know before doing a Home Extension We all love to consider that home extensions are expensive projects. However, do we usually look at the value that we get in return? Extensions have become immensely popular amongst home and business owners for several reasons. For starters, it’s cheaper to add a basic […]

  • Who is the Best Builder for my Extension in Kent?

    While all extensions add some extra space to a home, to be able to get the most out of the extension requires a competent and experienced builder. Adding on an extension to your current home or office is a great way to save money while still adding something new to your home other than a […]