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If you have an eye for improving your property, you may be considering adding space with a construction project. This can include building an extension to a room or converting your loft or garage into additional home space. If you run your own business you might consider building an office in your garden.

A well-executed construction project will add value to your home and make it appealing to potential buyers. For example a loft conversion or extension can add from 10% to 20% to the value of your home.

At Vital, we are very experienced in the property business. Prior to starting Vital, we bought and renovated properties which we subsequently let out. We have undertaken numerous construction projects on both our own properties and those of our customers.

We are able to handle the entire cycle from drawing up the plans, to gaining building consent and planning approval to the construction and final sign off.

The most common construction projects we undertake are: extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions, and garden office buildings.

As a company we are proud to be Gas Safe Registered and NICEIC approved, this means that we are able to undertake all elements of all projects with our own, directly employed staff.

We pride ourselves in our efficient and effective project management, the processes that we undertake mean we never allow minor setbacks to become major issues and in turn our projects finish on time and to budget.

Each construction project will have a dedicated management team to co-ordinate all works and ensure regulations are adhered to, as our customer you will have a single point of contact readily available to you at all times.

The in-house skills, our years of experience and extensive construction knowledge mean that you can turn to us with confidence.

Please call us on to speak to us about your project.

Extensions for homes in Kent

Extensions for homes in KentExtensions are increasingly common these days. The housing market is not as active as in previous years as people are staying in their homes longer. In fact, according the RICS, people are moving home every 14½ years on average. Consequently, home extensions are on the rise.

It makes a lot of sense to extend your home instead of moving house. You can stay in the same familiar neighbourhood, and if you have children, they remain at the same school. Another big advantage of extending as opposed to moving is that you will avoid the costs of stamp duty and estate agents fees. If you take these costs into consideration you may find that you can build an extension for less money.

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Do you need planning permission?

This is taken from the governments planning portal and explains how permitted development has changed and the increase in size limits for single-storey rear extensions

Click here to download the Governments guide to Extending your house.

When extending a building, there are some technically challenging elements of the project, one of which is the roof. We are very proud of our work and you can watch this timelapse video to see us pitch a new roof on a double storey extension.

 At Vital, we are passionate about property and welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your extension plans – please call us on

Loft conversions by Vital Maintenance & Construction

Loft Conversions by Vital Maintenance and constructionIf you have a loft that is not being used, a loft conversion is an obvious and straightforward way of acquiring extra space. This is subject to the roof structure and planning permission. However we have found that almost any house can benefit from a loft conversion.

The head height available in your loft will determine its suitability for conversion. However if head height is too low, you can consider raising the roof or lowering the ceiling of the room below.

We will advise you on insulation options for your loft to keep it both warm and efficient. You will also need to think about whether you want to opt for window or dormers to allow natural light into the space.

A loft conversion is considered to be permitted development, so planning permission is not normally required. That is unless you plan to extend or alter the roof space and it exceeds specified limits and conditions.

If you live in a semi-detached or terraced home, you will require a Party Wall Agreement with your neighbours, to protect both parties through the conversion.

Click here to download a Governmental Guide on what to considerations you should make when thinking about a loft conversion.

At Vital, we are passionate about property and welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your loft conversion plans – please call us on

Garage conversions in Orpington and Bromley, Kent

Garage conversions in Orpington and Bromley KentGarage conversions are another easy way to add living space to your home and add value. Garages are often long and thin and we often advise that they are divided into two rooms via a stud or block wall. The extra room can be converted into a storeroom, toilet or shower.

Insulation is often necessary and we will advise you on the various possibilities. Damp proofing is required for the walls and the floor with a suitable damp proof membrane.

At Vital, we are passionate about property and welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your garage conversion plans – please call us on

Garden office buildings by Vital Maintenance & Construction

Garden Office buildingsIf you work from home, you are not alone. The latest figures show that over two million people do the same, and this is likely to grow due to the increased popularity of working from home. However working in the same house where you relax with friends and family can be difficult.

By building a separate office in the garden you are able to draw a line between working life and home life. Your garden office can be as large as you want, but we generally advise that the optimum size would be no more than a quarter of your garden area.

We have a range of options for you to consider, ranging from modern modular offices to traditional softwood cabins.

If you have a construction project you would like to discuss with us, please give us a call today. We will be delighted to hear from you.

The team in the office will be available to take your call during office hours, you can reach us on .

If you would like to get more information on extensions or conversion projects, the team in the office will be available to take your call during office hours, you can reach us on . If you wish to call outside of these hours, please call , alternatively please complete the form on our contact page and we will respond within 24 hours.

We look forward to speaking with you.