Need extra space? Consider a New Year extension

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We Brits love to talk about house prices – especially Daily Mail readers. In a recent report issued by the National Association of Estate Agents and the Association of Residential Letting Agents, it was estimated that over the next decade or so, the average price of a home in the UK will rise by fifty percent.

This means that if your home is worth £200,000 now, it will be worth £300,000 in 2026.

If you’re thinking of moving home, then now might be the time to do it … or is it? Ought you to move home now, before the prices begin to soar, or should you wait to see how much the value of your currently property rises before you take the plunge?

Now is still perhaps not the best time to look to be moving. The UK is still recovering from the deepest depths of the recession, and the bite of austerity will still be felt for another year or two yet.

It’s a gamble, whichever way you look at it. If the main reason you are looking to move home is because of space issues, then there is an alternative … have built an extension onto your existing property.

If you have the external space, or you can extend up, out, or even down, then an extension is a possibility. All you need is a good and reliable builder to plan and carry out the work.

One thing about having an extension built is that it’s considerably cheaper than moving home. Moving is not just a question of house prices – there’s solicitor’s fees, estate agent’s fees and moving costs to take into consideration too, as well as the hassle of selling your home and getting involved in an extensive moving chain that might collapse at any given moment.

Adding an extension to your home rather than moving house makes perfect sense in what remains a very unstable and volatile housing market. You of course need to understand how you are going to extend, and where. Hopefully, you’ll probably have a lot of options to consider – should you add on to the front, back or sides of your property, or should you have your attic, loft, cellar or basement converted? Maybe you have an integral garage that’s currently full of junk – could that be converted?

You can do whatever you so desire, providing you have the space and have obtained the necessary planning permissions. There are numerous ways to improve your home and give yourself and your family a little extra living space. All you need to get things going is advice from the experts – such as Vital Maintenance and Construction – and you could be enjoying your extension in no time at all!

Just to make the idea of an extension extra enticing, extending your home will almost undoubtedly add extra financial value to your property. This will of course serve you very well, especially when those property prices being to shoot up over the next ten years or so!

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