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You probably understand that if you are planning on renovation work to a building such as your own house, then you need to go through what often can be a lengthy and laborious process to get planning permission. However, there are many things you can do where you do not need to get planning permission, and here we list a few of them …

Remodelling internally

If your proposals mean that you are not extending the current ‘footprint’ of the building, then this is allowed under what is known as Permitted Development (PD). You will however need to get building regs if you are changing structural elements or having electrical work done.

Doors and windows

You certainly do not need planning permission if you intend to install double glazing, for example. You will probably not need planning permission if you are installing a new door or windows unless major structural alterations are required – for example installing bay windows.

Utilising a building that is already attached

You can incorporate an external building that is already attached to your main building without planning permission if – again – you do not intend to alter the total footprint of the building. An example of this would be converting an integral garage as another room.

Installing a conservatory, or a single storey extension

Planning permission is not required if you are building a single storey extension – such as a conservatory – as long as the extension doesn’t sit ahead of the existing elevation, and the materials used as similar to those of the main dwelling. There are some additional caveats you need to know, which you can check at

Loft conversions

If your conversion had a cubic capacity under 40m3 then you probably are not required to have planning permission. If you installing windows then they would need to be dormer windows that sit no higher than the current highest part of your roof. You cannot extend forwards over your principal elevation without planning permission.

Two buildings into one

As long as you are not changing either building’s footprint, then there is no issue with you converting two buildings (such as two semi-detached homes) into one. You cannot split one building into two dwellings though without permission, and you need to adhere to some other regulations too.


If you are installing decking as a garden feature then you do not need planning permission as long as the decking does not create a platform that is larger than three hundred millimetres. You may wish to check at just to make sure what you are planning is compliant.

Swimming pool

You’re free to build a swimming pool in your garden without the need for planning permission as long as the total area that will be taken up by the pool does not exceed over half of the area of the land that surrounds your dwelling.

If you want to be sure that your extension or alteration plans do not need planning permission then you can contact a construction company – such as Vital Maintenance & Construction – for advice.


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