Refurbish your kitchen on a budget in time for Christmas

If your kitchen is beginning to look a little drab, then you might be considering a refurbishment project. However, times remain tight and with Christmas just around the corner again your purse strings might not be willing to loosen as much as you’d like them to.

Just because finances are tight it does not mean you need to put up with a shabby-looking kitchen. You might think that knocking out your existing kitchen and replacing it with a brand new one is your only worthwhile option. Thankfully, this is simply not the case. You already have a kitchen so why not work with what you’ve got? You’ll be amazed at the difference that a lick of paint and a bit of imagination can make.

You simply need to assign a budget and work out what you can and cannot afford. If you need some inspiration, please call us on , we can advise you on the best way to improve the appearance of your kitchen and give a free quote.

A fresh lick of paint can bring instant life to a sour-looking kitchen

Your first point of attack should be your walls. Are you in your kitchen now? If not, can you think what colour your kitchen walls currently are? If you can’t, it’s probably time for you to experiment with a brand new colour scheme.

If your kitchen walls are lined with wallpaper then, call us and we’ll get the scraper out and get rid. Similarly, if your walls are covered in tiles that have discoloured over the years and the grout has greyed you’ll be best to let us chip them away.

Once your walls are clear select a nice, bright colour that will make your kitchen an inspiration to you every time you walk through the door. Do be a little conservative though – painting your walls neon pink might seem a novelty, but novelties do tend to wear thin very quickly.

The areas around your sink should be refreshed as well. We can hang new tiles and create patterns with different coloured tiles – this is a lot cheaper than buying specially patterned tiles.

Upgrade your cupboard doors and work surfaces

Upgrading your kitchen cupboards is another obvious and cost-effective refurbishment idea. You do not necessarily have to replace your cupboards – just the doors and drawer fronts. Even the most tired-looking kitchen can be spruced up in this manner.

A glossy new work surface is an easy way to make a dramatic change in your kitchen and give a real wow factor.

As we mentioned above, Christmas is fast approaching. If you’re saving your pennies for festive fun, why not treat yourself to a refurbished kitchen that won’t suck your bank balance dry?

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