Small is beautiful – gaining extra room in a small garden

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Building on, extending or converting your property can be a costly undertaking. If you need a little bit of extra room, you might consider having a garden room built. Such a room can be used as a home office, or just somewhere where you can relax.

However, people with small gardens may feel they do not have a big enough garden in which to install a garden room. The good news – thanks to the inventive nature of people who design and install garden rooms – is that this is hardly ever the case.

Regularity is key when it comes to the installation of any garden room

The important thing is to have a regular boundary. If your boundary is irregular then there are too many issues with the construction of a garden room to make installation worthwhile. As long as you have space in which to fit a square or rectangular garden room, then you should not have any issues.

If you do have an irregularly shaped boundary but you are still keen on having a garden room installed, then the installation company you consider may be able to come up with a few ideas of how your project can be realised.

When it comes to the position of your garden room, that depends upon what use you are going to put it to. If it is a chill-out room or an extra space for the kids to play in, then having it close to the house is perfect.

If, however, you are intending to use the space as a home office, it’s perhaps best to position the room as far from your house as you can. That way you will be creating a physical divide between your home life and your working life. This is important if you find it hard to resist the lure of ‘popping back home’ every half-an-hour or so to make a coffee, monitor the situation of ant available biscuits, or what’s happening on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

‘Small’ does not mean that you’ll be forced to compromise

If you do have a small garden, you may feel that you’ll be unable to have many of the design features associated with a garden room installed in your new, mini location. Such features include full-length windows and under-floor heating. The truth is, this is seldom the case. Your installation company should be able to find ways in which all the features you desire can be installed.

Remember to treat your new living space as just that – living space. Make sure the walls are properly plastered, and the décor you choose matches that of your existing home. If you don’t, your garden room will just feel like you are spending time inside of a shed.

If you do happen to have a small garden, then that might limit some of your options when it comes to the installation of a garden room, but it should not dismiss the possibility altogether. Speak to your installation company to find out what your options are.

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