Summer new builds – a good idea or not?

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Most people would prefer to begin their new builds in the summer. The weather is warmer (or at least it is supposed to be), potentially-damaging elements such as wind, rain, snow and frost are less likely to occur, and all-in-all it’s a much more pleasant time to be working out of doors.

But is waiting until the summer the best idea if you’re planning to start a new build project?

The correct answer to that question depends upon a number of different factors. For example, if your new build project is likely to take a long time – over eight months or so – then it doesn’t really matter when you begin, as you are going have to factor in the effects of adverse weather conditions anyway.

However, when it comes to some aspects of a new build project – such as attending to the ground works and digging your foundations – then it is best to commence your project in late spring or early summer. The ground is a lot softer and easier to dig at this time, and it will also means that you are not laying bricks when it is cold, wet and generally miserable.

It’s also best to plan your new build so you at least have the external walls and roof sorted so that your new build is ‘weather-proof’ before the middle of October – when the dark nights begin to really draw in and the weather begins to turn frosty.

If you do manage to complete in time, then you will be able to attend to the internal work without having to worry about the effect of external environmental factors. If you time it right, you may even be able to benefit from the January sales when it comes to purchasing your interior fittings – anything that saves you money is always a good idea!

If your project is a lengthy one, then again you should plan long-term so everything with the new building is completed by the early days of summer. This will allow you time to concentrate on eternal aspects of the project such as any gardening or landscaping that needs attending to.

Completion by early summer will also allow you to enjoy your new build when the weather is best – which is particularly useful if you’ve constructed a new conservatory, summer room or orangery, or had a wall of your home replaced with bi-folding doors. It will also give you a bit of a rest from the intense work and project management you’ve endured during the winter before you attend to any ‘little jobs’ that a turn in the weather may indicate needs doing.

Starting a new build takes meticulous planning and high levels of project management. The ‘when’ of a new build is not nearly as important as the ‘how’, so make sure you have everything carefully planned before you even think about breaking ground. However, if your project is short-term (generally, less than eight months) then you can save yourself a small amount of hassle by commencing your build in late spring or early summer.

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