Winter home improve projects

For so many of us the the summer months are the best time for undertaking those  home improvements you have been putting off for so long. The warm days and the fact that it is light late into the evening means that the summer months are ideal for ‘getting things done’.

The problem is that with such great weather outside the last thing you want to be doing in your free time is staying at home and undertaking dull, but important, tasks such as re-painting your garden fencing.

That is why the winter months have become the favourite time of the year for so many people who want to undertake home improvements. Its not just that home improvements add value to your home, they also let you start off the new year with a ‘spruced-up’, fresh feeling in your property. If that was not incentive enough, if you need the services of a good tradesman you find that the winter period is a lot quieter and you may be offered a good discount compared to summer prices. And if it is bargains that you are looking for,  don’t forget the Black Friday sales in November and the January sales, too,  where great bargains can be found if you are willing to put up with the crowds!

So, if you want to try some winter home improvements then here are some of our favourite winter home improvement projects for you to try:

  1. Painting and Wallpapering – it might be dark and cold outside, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be gloomy inside. Use the winter season to brighten up the inside of your home. There’s nothing better than spending the short days and long nights sprucing up your interior decoration with a new choice of paint, wallpaper and perhaps some new soft  furnishings;
  2. De-clutter – the winter season is simply the most ideal time to de-clutter It’s also a time to think carefully about what you don’t need anymore. Perhaps you can donate items to a local charity or sell them online. A de-cluttered house not only looks great, it feels great too! And as the Christmas and New Year period often means having a home full of visitors you will be able to feel completely relaxed in your tidy, clutter free surroundings;
  3. Roofs and guttering – if you’ve not done so already, there might just be time to make sure that your guttering is free of leaks and blockages. Before the snow starts you will also want to make sure that your roof is wind and watertight. So, if if there is no snow outside there’s no reason why these things cannot be taken care of by an appropriately skilled professional who can identify any minor problems before they become major ones and can resolve them safely, quickly and easily;
  4. Gaps and cracks – there is every chance that your home has a least a few gaps and cracks which do not look very nice and that may allows moisture and cold air to enter your property.  The problem is that you might not notice them in the summer months but now that the temperature is dropping, every gap makes your home harder, and more expensive, to heat. So use the winter season to seal those gaps and cracks around windows and doors so that your house is not only more energy efficient, it feels cosy and warm too;
  5. Drawers and wardrobes – there is very little that is more satisfying than seeing the contents of your bedroom drawers and wardrobes organised neatly and tidily. Neat and tidy drawers and wardrobes are a pleasure to look at it and they make it easier to find things, too;
  6. Gardening – and as long as the weather allows it, working in your garden in the winter can be a joy. It is even something that the whole family can get involved in. Now you can do all of those garden chores you’ve never had the time to do before, such as clearing leaves, sweeping paths, removing garden waste and if you have not done so yet, covering up your garden furniture to protect it until spring arrives. Even minor chores like fencing and painting can all be done over the winter. Just think how great you will feel when you have a home that looks great, inside and out;
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